The Darker the Conscience, the more it craves the Light.

The darkness of the maze. That was his haven. He had been thrown there by the agents of light, cast out, defeated. In the dark he learned to live. To survive. A time came when it was all he would crave. The darkness, the pain. But there came a light source at the end of the tunnel. He reached out to it. He was fascinated by it. For some time, he even let himself enjoy it. Fill him up with happiness and joy. But this time it wasn’t the light that sent him back to the maze. It was darkness that pulled him back in. You see, light had given up on him. He constantly kept on ranting about the dark. Light abandoned him this time for good. And he went back to his old merry self, in the dark, to the pain that held out her hands like a loving mother, to self squander, to his plight from the myth of love. Because he had loved when love hurt and when he got love, he never could appreciate it. So he went back to his demons. And they took hold of him this time, never to let go.

But he was wrong. See, it was light that he craved. That he loved. That darkness was just an easy escape for him. But this time, he did it. He crawled out of that maze. He went to the light. He reached the source and he reached for it. At first, light hesitated. For he had betrayed its trust many a time. But this time around, it was different. He finally appreciated its true worth. He had been too broken before to see that love could heal all his wounds. And so, he fell into those hands again. But this time, he shunned the pain. He abandoned the maze for the warmth and the comfort of the light. And this time, light, like the lover he never had before, took him into her arms and slowly lulled him off into a deep sleep, which he didn’t want to wake up from. For this sleep brought him dreams. Dreams of a little cottage on a secluded beach, with a pet wolf and nothing but the smell of the sea, the warmth of the sun and his source of life.

He thrived off these dreams. He loved light. And light took him in her arms this time and loved him more than she ever did before, as serenity reigned supreme over their senses.

To Vulcan and beyond.